"In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity"

Albert Einstein

As a dynamic legal practice with many years of relevant experience, we aim to provide both individuals and corporations with clear legal insights with a personal and pointed approach.

Throughout the years, the associates in our practice have specialised in different legal branches, enabling us to assist you in several matters with professional, competent and sound advice. As such you will find with us a specialist for each of your civil legal questions.

We advise, mediate when useful and litigate when needed. All of this in close cooperation with the client and according to your wishes.

Often, a dispute or legal issue can be smothered by pro-active action. But even during a procedure, consultation can help bring the case to a negotiated deal. An associate in our practice has been trained as mediator and will gladly assist you in reaching an efficient solution.

Sometimes litigation is a necessity. In those situations, our experienced associates will get their teeth into your file to defend your interests in front of the judge, be it in civil or administrative law.

Additionally we will gladly aid you with all your civil questions and issues whereby getting legal expertise is recommended, such as drafting contracts or general conditions, advise on specific subjects, debt collection, corporate housekeeping, application for or challenge of brand names, stay of children, …

Our associates all speak multiple languages, ensuring that we can personally assist you in all your cases in the language of your choice.

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